The Harbour of Siófok

The Harbour of Siófok is an interesting attraction from where sheduled cruise ships starts off.  This harbour is the most visited one around Lake Balaton. The park in front of the harbour’s building gives home to the memorial of steam boating which was erected for the 100s, 125th and 150th jubileum. In the neighbouring park, rose garden can be found, which is an old-time sight of Siófok.

Meteorological Observatory

The harbour of sailboats and the Meteorological Observatory, one of the city’s characteristic building are near the western dock from where the surroundings of Lake Balaton gets the first gale warning. The garden of the station is decorated by the monument of Miklós Borsos.

Krúdy Mansion

The writer spent every summer from 1914 to 1919 in this house. Besides that, Gyula Krúdy was bound to Siófok because of a life-long remembrance. This city was the one where he got to know and fell in love with Rózsa Zsuzsa Várady, who was 21 years younger than him. Later he married her.

Water Tower

The 45 meters high Water Tower is situated in the centre of Siófok, in Liberty Square. It is one of the city’s characteristic buildings. On top a rotating coffee house operates, from where there is a panoramic view to the whole town and also Lake Balaton.

Parish Church

The neoromanian Parish Church is an outstanding building in Siófok. It gives home to the biggest organ of the surroundings of Lake Balaton.

Evangelic Church

The Evangelic Church, which was designed by the architect Imre Makovecz who won the Ybl prize, can be found in the Oulu Park (Oulu, the Finnish twin city of Siófok). It is the most beautiful and most modern evangelic church in the country. It has four gates, 120 seats and in 80% of its structure is from wood.

Spa Culture

In the 15 kilometers long coast of Siófok there are several beaches which can be used for free or for extra fee.
Free beaches are near the city centre or the western part of Siófok. In the eastern part there is only a few free ones.
Along the whole lenght of free beaches there are well-kept green zones, water sport equipment rental places and pleasant coastal walkways. 21 water blocks, snack bars, restaurants and diverse sport opportunities are awaiting for guests.

Kálmán Imre Memory House

The Kálmán Imre Memory House faithfully represents Kálmán Imre’s life and work. His former family house is the city’s museum today in which the piano, several objects and some original sheet music of the master can be seen. The museum introduces Kálmán Imre, gives an authentic carreer history of his childhood and his school years.

Boating, Paddle boating, surfing

Lake Balaton provides unique entertainment to lovers of water sports. Besides Bathing, sailing and surfing, water skiing and wakeboarding are also popular sports which can be tested in Balatonfüred, Siófok and Vonyarcvashegy.

Important to note: 

  • Only enabled number of people sit in one boa tor paddle boat 
  • Stay inside 500 metre from the bank, do not swim into deep water
  • Follow the bather who leaves the boat till he/she is under cover 
  • People in the boat who cannot swim are liable to wear life jacket 
  • Constantly pay attention to the storm signal and come back in time 
  • Keep at least 5 metre distance from bathers during evasion with boats and any other water and sport equipments

Siófok awaits preferably the lovers of outdoor water sports. The Surfbeach on the eastern part of Siófok Golden bank is the most proper place in Hungary for kitesurfing and widsurfing. 
But this is not the end of the opportunities because paddle boats, surf, kayak, catamaran, etc are also rentable.

Wine and gastronomy

The Lake with varied fishes, wild flesh from the woods, racy fruits ensure the perfect satisfaction. The favorable soil content and the high number of daylight hours give racy taste to drupes. Types of cherries and sour-cherries, peach, plum, red currant, raspberry are delicious desserts. The fish mostly pike-perch the „king” among dishes has top priority. Pike-perch is made in one piece, served with common garnish to predominate the gentle taste. 
The most famous speciality among dishes made from fish is the chowder of Balaton. The first written mention of chowder was in the 1800s at Lake Balaton. The masters of cooking chowder arrange annual competitions.

Active Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton – lashing of water, diverse chances. The biggest fresh-water lake of Central Europe is ideal for not just bathing but also swimming. Beside amateur swimming competitions, sailing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing or waterskiing are also good choices. Due to these programs and the extensive beach infrastructure the number of people who do sports actively has increased dramatically.