Our Coral Wellness Centre provides recreation during a weekend, after conferences and trainings.

The basis of CE Plaza Hotel**** is water, especially in every form of it.

Enjoy the spectacular waterwall in the adventure pool where lazy river, massage-seats, fizzy beds, underwater bubbles, geysers make swimming entertaining for every age-group.

If you wish more excitements take a trip in our wellness world. Rainforest and tropical rainstorm make your douche really enjoyable. Then continue your trip in the Finnish-, infra-, and bio saunas on the north. After that visit Turkey to its aromatherapy steam bath.
In 2016 a new childrens’ pool was built which is 50 cms deep and 35°C warm.

Opening hours of the Wellness Centre: 8:00 – 20:00

Temperature of pools:

  • Adventure pool (200 m2, 80-120 cm deep): 32°C
  • Jacuzzi: 36°C
  • Children's pool: 35°C
  • Diving pool: 25°C